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Still A Baby

by Josamar Saint-Gilles


Nineteen years of breathing, still don’t have a baby

Sixteen years and feeding, I still think its crazy


Little girl don’t have sex

Have plans and dreams in your mind, make a sketch

Because giving birth is not as simple as reading a text

Don’t be that girl at the clinic waiting in line next

I’m sure its someone in your life who wants you to try your best

The first step to change is to be different from the rest

There is still a heart beating underneath that chest

So don’t flap your wings if you belong in a nest.


Little girl I don’t understand, how can you leave your fam?

And make a plan, to devote your life to a older man

When I was your age I just ran

I was too smart to get involved in this real life scam

You don’t need to rush, hold back your hand

Take a second to make the best decision you can

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