Home » Prose


by Victoria Pirenoglu


The moon is shimmering on my skin as rain drops are thudding at my window pane

I am engulfed in my sheets with your arms tangled around me

Your breathe matching the breeze whistling through the open cracks
Silence fills every corner of the room
The kind of silence where you can almost read the thoughts being painted on the walls


I want to be that fresh feeling after hearing a song you haven’t heard in years, but a familiar breeze by the bay.
I want to be the sun that is your early morning wake up call,
but the sheets that keep you in.

I want to be the sugar you pour in your tea; sweet. But the steam that keeps you warm.
Anything but ordinary is what I desire to be.


The breeze is whirling serenading my ear with a lullaby.

The sun is greeting my frail skin; I feel the tawny serene sand separating my toes while I stroll up and down the seaside.

The waves are thundering, coming up the coast kissing the sand but never wishing to part.

The ends unraveling by my feet as I approach; beryl, luminous and infinite, it feels like the sea is embracing my well being.

Every drop touching my sun kissed skin so alluring, as each concern and thought is vanishing.
The pungent fragrance lingering in the atmosphere so refreshing and native, it’s as though I was home all along.

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