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Pathetic Love

by Donzel Taylor

I’ve only known this girl for a few weeks but already I find myself


The crazy think is, I’m still falling

Weeks even months have passed

And I still find myself falling

Things I learn about her

Are like shovels digging the canyon falling deeper and deeper

Still falling

I wonder when I’ll reach the bottom

if I’ll be able to climb back up

Love this strong can’t be healthy

But what I find disturbing is that when I look

around the bottom of this pit

It’s cold

And lonely

I don’t see you down here with me

I’ve fallin’

but you’re still standing

I look up and I see you standing on top of

the canyon with somebody else

After that sight it begins to rain

Raining so hard it creates a river of sadness

Sadness that I’m drowning in

Either I learn to swim

Or this sadness will be the death of me

I don’t want to drown so

I hold my breath

And hold my thoughts

Hold my tongue

Because even though my heart is broken

I would rather remain in silence

Than to break down in front of you and tell you how hurt I feel

It’s only a waste of time

You don’t care

So, I don’t expect you to throw me a life jacket

You would much rather watch me drown

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