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Open Your Mind

by Donzel Taylor

Can you actually see through the fog

The clouds in your mind don’t easily blow away

You sit in your mind trapped in dream clouds

But have you actually looked past them?

Does your mind know what clear skies are like?

Or do your thoughts just roam in no direction

Lost in the fog


Do your thoughts drown in an ocean

Trapped in the tide

Does your brain have vision

Or do you think like the blind

Is it possible for you to open your mind

Or is it closed and locked

Nothing can get inside


Try to think do your thoughts have action and meaning

Or are they always laid back

Do you stay day dreaming

Awaken your mind because

Right now it’s sleeping


The mind is an ocean

It creates tides hard to swim through

If you get through the tide

Then it makes fog

Now it’s hard to see through

If you let it the ocean will drown you

You can’t get out

And nobody can rescue you


But I refuse to let the ocean rock my boat

And make me lose my balance

But what about you?

Will you sink or will you float?

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