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One Thought

by Saadiqa Vann

One moment.

One thought.

Lights on.

Lights off.

As a deep over whelming feeling takes over.

Any wrongs are laid to rest.

Why is it this person I share this with?

Why we are so dumb yet nothing can stop us.

The music in the background keeps playing the same song.

Yet the beautiful tune is the deep breaths of two.

One moment.

One thought.

It’s like the first moment every time.

Like a waterfall.

As beautiful as a rainbow.

So far from the climate change but you can feel everything.

Every sense takes over.

They start to multiply as its changing.

These feelings cast a spell over our body and everything is different.

This passion is like no other.

Yes it’s wrong but it was never so right.

2 signs as one

2 souls as one

Too much to take in but nothing is gone to waste.

We have our moments, the feeling is unclear

All we know is we both have one thought.

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