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Ode To Candlelight

by Andreas John Kamateros

O lonesome candlelight,

share this night in my melancholy desire

and burn bright with your tear-shaped fire.


O lonesome candlelight,

with waxen visage in somnolent stare

therein the modest rest to fare.

From out the evanescent blaze of night

my dour soul in disquiet spread bare

and somber dew seeps from vacant view

to ominously glow in dismal hue.

Dark as the candle’s cloak in light,

the flickering flame I feared to ignite

may scorch the once seared soul and heart

or chance Love and Love’s Fool impart.

Having cast aside all and thus relinquished

by the fleeting fire of the candlelight,

henceforth, may rest extinguished.

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