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He Still Loves Me

by Saadiqa Vann

With one eye open and the other swollen shut, she lays on the emergency table crying for the love she never had. Her arm sliced up like a gutted fish, the doctors in a brief panic, and her family in the waiting room. Not only was her heart in pain for years, but her body physically matched the mental torture it went through all those years.

It wasn’t that easy, she thought, and he still loves me.

The doctors tried to stop the bleeding, but it was no use. There were two bullets lodged near her heart, and if they removed them with so little blood in her system, it would kill her.

He hit her five more times after the first, each one worse than the one before, and yet her heart was still calling out his name. She would walk around as if everything was O.K., as if her life was perfect. He’s my king, she would say though he treated her like a bag of garbage, maybe even worse than that.

Lying on the emergency room table, her life flashed before her eyes. She never had any kids to continue her legacy. Nothing will be left of her. She was once a beautiful, strong woman; everyone says she has a heart of gold. She makes you smile just by saying hello to you. No one deserves what she went through and no one knew what she was going through until it was too late.

As her right eye closed, she threw her stare of her left eye to the ceiling—up to the sky—and the doctors knew she was gone.

All she had to do was walk away after the first time her boyfriend beat her.

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